Keep track of soaring energy bills

With the cold winter and spring have you had a nasty shock with your heating and electricity bills? I know I have. I’ve often wondered if it is just me, or are others paying the same amount?

Well, thanks to an Aberdeen company, you can now find out... free! is a website that lets you enter and track your gas and electricity bills online.

Once you have logged in, given a few simple details about your household (so that it can be compared to similar households) and added your gas and electricity bills, the click of a button will show how you compare.

You can see how your energy usage compares with other similar households on a local and national basis.

Now, you won’t have to wonder whether you are using more energy than the average, or paying more than the average.

You will also see how your energy usage if affected by different weather conditions, like the winter we have just endured. British Gas say that gas usage increased by 7%, did yours? Now you can easily tell.
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