Name the red kite chicks

The Aberdeen Red Kite Project are offering a chance for you to name the two red kite chicks that have become the stars of the Aberdeen CCTV. We have one female and one male chick.

Please fill in the form and send it back to me, or drop it in at VSA Easter Anguston Farm or at St Nicolas's Kirk. You have untill next Monday to get your entries in.

The chicks should fledge any day now so check the live CCTV footage out whilst you still have a chance.

Name the Aberdeen Red Kite Chicks & Win a Fantastic Prize:

Red kite chicks have been born in Aberdeenshire for the first time in almost 150 years! We have one male chick (No. 70) and one female chick (No.71) growing up fast on our CCTV footage of the nest (in association with Forestry Commission Scotland). Soon they will be taking to the Aberdeenshire skies showing off their impressive acrobatic flying skills. These chicks are famous and we need your help to name them!

You can choose a name for either of the chicks or both of them and if yours is chosen you will win a fabulous goody bag. The decision about who will win the competition to name the chicks will be made by representatives of the project and announced after the chicks have fledged.

On top of that, every entry will receive a fabulous booklet all about birds of prey.

Write your entry below:

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