Shock at helicopter crash

There is a sense of shock in Aberdeen and North East Scotland. Just six weeks ago a helicopter on its way to an installation in the ETAP field ditched in the North Sea. Miraculously, all aboard survived.

Then, on April 1, when reports came in that another helicopter, with 16 people on board had crashed into the North Sea off Crimond, north of Aberdeen, the people of Aberdeen and the North East held their breath. We were hoping for another miracle.

Tragically it was not to be. Our hearts go out to the families who have so cruelly lost a loved one.

The following message was issued on Wednesday by the UK Oil and Gas Chaplaincy:

Following the tragedy that occurred today in the North Sea, the UK Oil and Gas Chaplaincy has arranged for the Oil Chapel located within the Kirk Of St Nicholas Uniting, Union Street, Aberdeen to be open for those wishing to leave floral tributes and to spend time in prayer and reflection. There will also be a Book of Condolence available for people to sign.

The Rev Andrew Jolly, Chaplain the UK Oil and Gas Industry said: “This is a dreadful tragedy to befall the industry. When incidents like this occur it affects everyone offshore and onshore. It also impacts upon the people of Aberdeen too. The Oil Chapel has been a place of comfort and solace for people from this industry for many years. It is the natural place for people to gravitate to in times of tragedy offshore. We are grateful to the staff of St Nicholas for making this possible.”

“The families of those affected by this tragedy and the wider family of those who work offshore and onshore are in our thoughts and prayers”.

The Chapel will be open from 9.30am and throughout the day.

  • The UK Oil & Gas Chaplaincy is administered by the Aberdeen Oil Industry Chaplaincy Trust which is fully funded by Oil and Gas UK. For further details go to
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