What do we offer for Festive visitors?

We have relatives coming from the USA for Christmas and New Year. But what visitor attractions are open? Not a lot that I can see.

Can we show them our castles? No, they are all shut. Can we take them to a distillery? Hmm, not sure, yet. We are still trying to find out if any are open between Christmas and New Year.

So what events are on? There must be heaps!

Err, no.

The Aberdeen Lions are having their ‘Nippy Dipper’, swimming at Aberdeen Beach on Boxing Day. Yeah, right, that is going to appeal to lots of visitors!

Crathes in snow
At Christmas you can look from the outside. But you can’t get in.

There’s the pantomime at the theatre.

And, there’s a jazz concert.

And... well... that is it!

Not even a Hogmanay event at Castlegate that I can see. (see below)

Welcome to Aberdeen. Why on earth did you come here? There’s nothing happening.

If we want to make the most of the Trump International Golf Links opportunities we are going to have to sharpen up our tourism ideas.

STOP PRESS: Rather late on, but today the details of Aberdeen’s Hogmanay event were released. Scots singing stars Amy Macdonald and Sandi Thom are headlining the event that starts at 9pm in the Castlegate and runs through to 12.30am.
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