Scottish Executive becomes Scottish Government

Scottish Ministers have formally adopted the title Scottish Government to replace the term Scottish Executive as an expression of corporate identity.

The change is intended to help the public more clearly understand the role and functions of the devolved Government in Scotland.

The rebranding has immediate effect. Signs at the six main Government buildings in Edinburgh and Glasgow have already been changed but other material such as stationery will only be changed gradually to be as cost effective as possible in the transition.

Scottish Government

The government says the decision was taken to adopt the new identity because research showed that the term Scottish Executive was confusing or meaningless to many members of the public.

The cost of creating the new logo and changing the main signage on the buildings has been £100,000. But the Government claims a £1.1 million saving made from having fewer Cabinet Ministers than the previous administration, fewer private office staff and fewer special advisers more than covers the cost of rebranding.

• The term Scottish Executive will continue to be used in formal legal documents such as legislation and contracts.
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