What do do they learn at driving schools?

Driving along a single-track country road this morning. Coming the other way as clear as could be was a Ford Ka with a young driver at the wheel. I could see him - indeed I could hardly ignore him. He could have seen me, if he was interested in anything beyond the front of his bonnet!

He turned the corner, ignoring the passing place as he was obviously blithely unaware that there was a car heading towards him. It was obvious he was surprised and, even looked indignant, that there was a car there.

Whatever happened to telling new drivers to look ahead and anticipate vehicles and other hazards ahead.

On any road your eyes should be scanning from the furthest point you can see to the immediate area in front of the car, looking for hazards and danger.

Otherwise you leave yourself little time to react.

It’s at times like this that you would be forgiven some surprise to hear that Scotland’s roads are safer now than they were 50 years ago.

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