Six weeks to save Grampian Police

The Scottish Government seems to be determined to dismantle Grampian Police and the seven other police authorities in Scotland. In their place would be one national police force, no doubt headquartered in Glasgow, or Edinburgh.

The aim, of course, is cost reduction. Not that reducing costs is anything bad in itself. But, if it gives us a poorer service from our police, then it will be.

I’m not sure I really want my local police to be some distant outpost of a mega-Strathclyde Police.

Does a chief constable sitting in the centre of Glasgow really understand the policing needs of Stonehaven, Banchory or Mintlaw, let alone Aberdeen?


Can’t you just hear the control room operator? “I can’t find “Fing-in” (Finzean) on my Google map.” “Is Clatt anywhere near Newton Mearns?”

Surely there are three important principles in local policing?

  • Local control
  • Local accountability
  • And local knowledge

These would all be lost with a centralisation of our policing to Glasgow or Edinburgh.

I am also unconvinced about the real savings to be made. Are the costs of local chief constables and their support that great in the overall costs of policing Scotland?

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