What is the truth about paper mill sale?

We are in a claim and counter-claim situation over the Inverurie Paper Mill.

  • Was there, or was there not, an offer to buy the mill?
  • If there was an offer, why was it turned down?

The latest in this claim and counter-claim controversy is reported in today’s Press and Journal, where International Paper deny blocking the sale of the paper mill.

I think we deserve to know the facts.

Paper making used to be one of the main industries in the Aberdeen area with a string of paper mills, including Inverurie Paper Mill, along the River Don and the Culter Paper Mill on the Dee.

Inverurie Paper Mill is the second last paper mill. If it closes there will only one operating mill left.

When it was owned by the Tait family it was clear that there was a viable business at Inverurie Paper Mill. Captain Copier paper could be found in offices up and down the country.

Viewed from Memphis, the mill may look less viable when stacked up against operating costs in India.

But, if there was a management team more committed to sustaining traditional manufacturing in this area, could it not be made to work?

Would it be more viable with a recycling plant providing and renewable energy generation?

These are all questions that I think many people would like answered before the mill is broken up and sold off.
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