Haudagain needs a flyover

In response to the Evening Express transport survey in which 55% of all respondents identified the Haudagain roundabout (junction of the A90 south, A90 north and A96) as the worst traffic blackspot in Aberdeen and the call by 75% of respondents for a flyover or underpass, the paper reports Transport Minister Tavish Scott as saying that the option is being considered.

Let's hope that is a real consideration, not just an electioneering consideration. It's been estimated that this junction alone costs the local economy between £15 and £30 million a year in delays and an upgrade is long overdue.

There have been suggestions of a sticking plaster solution (which frankly sounds as though it would make things worse rather than better), involving two additional traffic light controlled junctions and a short section of link road.

That sounds appalling. This is a critical junction which is not only causing delays on trunk roads, but is single-handedly diverting trade away from Aberdeen.

It needs fixed. It needs fixded properly. And it needs fixed urgently.
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