Trump's $1 billion Aberdeen golf plan

Donald Trump's organisation has submitted its plans for what Trump says will be the world's best golf course on the Menie site just north of Aberdeen.

This is a bold vision and a massive investment which could really put Aberdeen on the world golfing and leisure map.

While it's true that Trump should not get preferential treatment simply because "money talks", let's just hope that the plans do not get caught in the sort of mire and small-mindedness that sometimes seems to categorise our planning system.

Let's also hope that our authorities can provide the infrastructure to make the $1 billion investment work. Time for bold, imaginative thinking to provide the rail, air and road links that Trump's plans will require. If international golfing clients can't get to and from the airport, or into the city past the Bridge of Don snarl-ups or the Haudagain disaster area, then the plan could flounder.

This is an unbelievable opportunity to build a world-class leisure industry on top of our world-class oil and gas industry.

We mustn't let our politicians and public servants blow it.
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