Great news for Glencraft

Great to hear that Glencraft should reopen within days, following the intervention of Aberdeen energy firm PSN.

In Aberdeen we have been deeply saddened to see how the vital services of a once-proud city have been so badly damaged by the funding crisis that Aberdeen City Council faces.

But, even in the face of a barrage of bad news, the closure of Glencraft stood out as a particular disappointment in a city known for its support of worthy causes.

I’m sure we fervently hope that the good news for social enterprises, like Glencraft, will continue.

Equally we must look to the Scottish Government to end the inequitable funding for the City of Aberdeen, which sees money flowing out of this city to central funds, while our essential services grind to a halt due to a lack of money.

That is an ironic state of affairs for a city that has been at the heart of an industry producing unprecedented national wealth for the past 40 years. Even today, the oil and gas industry, which is predominantly based in Aberdeen, produces Exchequer revenue the equivalent of 30% of the entire UK national corporation tax income.

Not content with that bounty following from Aberdeen, central government also siphons off our local taxes and returns the lowest amount per head of any council area in the whole of Scotland.

That is something our politicians must be asked to justify.
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