AWPR full speed ahead… or maybe not

Just when it seemed there was something that that Aberdeen City Council administration and the vast majority of citizens could agree on and unite in pushing forward, one of the ruling coalition introduces a question mark.

It seemed like the end of a long and frustrating saga when RoadSense had their appeal against the AWPR (Aberdeen by-pass) turned down by the Supreme Court last month. In the year that transport minister Stewart Stevenson had set for the road to open (2012) we could finally see the long-overdue project go forward.

Aberdeen trunk road link
The 16th century Bridge of Dee, still the only trunk road link to Aberdeen and North Aberdeenshire

There were photos of the Scottish Government, Aberdeen City Council and Aberdeenshire Council in unison agreeing that the vital infrastructure project would now go ahead at full speed – albeit six years behind schedule thanks to RoadSense.

Now, the apparent unity behind Aberdeen City Council’s stance seems to have wavered.

Marie Boulton, the deputy leader of Aberdeen City Council and a former member of the RoadSense anti-AWPR group, has requested a meeting with the Transport Minister to voice her concerns about the cost of the road.

While concerns to control costs are obviously laudable, this intervention does add a hint of negativity to the otherwise positive “press on” message.

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